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Skintflicks are delighted to present Cauldronated in Lewes, a short documentary promoting ex Adam & The Ants/Bow Wow Wow drummer Dave Barbarossa  and his band Cauldronated to coincide with the release of their debut E.P.

Cauldronated in Lewes from Skintflicks on Vimeo.

‘Fiona, what an excellent job you have done. Thoughtful and interesting. You have been very sensitive, while making something that is immediate and commercial.’
Dave Barbarossa, Drums

‘Thank you for this Fiona. It looks fantastic! Awesome work. Very grateful!’ Eva Menon, Vocals

‘I’m not sure anyone’s ever come as close to decoding and deciphering what it is that we “do” than this video. Nice work. I like it.’ Dave Harman, Synths