Campaign on Social Media

It is so good.  Hits the nail on the squarely head. Shows the impact on a human level. Thank you so much.

Jose Cardoso, A & C Continental Delicatessen, Brixton

Last week, up to 30 independent businesses occupying Brixton’s famous railway arches – some for generations – were given six months to vacate with no invitation to return.  Although the refurbishment of the arches will create new spaces for shops, the increase in rents will mean only the large chains will be able to inhabit them.

Skintflicks have made a short film featuring some of the independent shop owners and their customers in Brixton’s railway arches in order to help raise awareness, and also to encourage people to sign the online petition @ asking Network Rail to halt the evictions. The film is edited like a short documentary with conversations filmed on the hoof as well as interviews. The idea was to present a snapshot of Brixton life as well as to show the emotional impact of the decision on the community.

Below a slightly shorter version of the film tailored for tweeting.