The Underdog still

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Skintflicks believe that the power of good storytelling can turn your memories into more than just a series of photos or raw iPhone footage and can bring your story to a much wider audience. ‘The Underdog’ started out simply as a record of a city trader’s white collar boxing match to raise lots of money for charity, but once edited it became a compelling short film which he’s shared via social networking sites with friends and family and loads of strangers who also enjoyed the story.

The Underdog from Skintflicks on Vimeo. Skintflicks produce affordable, professionally crafted films  for diverse clients who recognise the benefit in using documentary form to promote their work or service or share their story on the web.  Skintflicks are willing to negotiate on price but never quality, and a testiment to this policy is the recent TV broadcast of one of our short films.